Dr. Paul C. Sutton

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Curriculum Vitae

Paul C. Sutton
Associate Professor
Phone: 303-871-2399
Email: psutton at du.edu


1999 PhD, geography, University of California-Santa Barbara

1997 MA, statistics, University of California-Santa Barbara

1995 MA, geography, University of California-Santa Barbara

1983 BS, chemistry, Union College

Research Interests

The population-environment-development problematic that is strongly associated with the idea of 'sustainable development' remains with us today despite the pioneering works of Malthus, Hardin, Erhlich, Smil, Boserup, and countless others. Until only recently, research into the 'sustainability' problematic has not used the triumvarate power of remote sensing, geographic information science, and statistics to map, measure, and analyze the dynamics of human-environment relations. The broad problems outlined by these pioneers now have to be dealt with more specifically. My research focuses on three particular areas: Urbanization, Spatial Demography, and Carrying Capacity. In addition, the approach I take toward these problems is strongly influenced by recent developments in remote sensing (empirical measurements), geographic information science (analytical capability), and the inferential potential of statistics (theory).